How do i make a search?

Fill in all required fields of the booking form- your destination, your dates, number of people and rooms, as well as any optional data, such as hotel category. After clicking the search button, the system searches and displays results based on the criteria you have entered.

There are many results, how can I filter them?

If after you start searching the results page displays too many results, you can reduce these by introducing further search filters. For example, you can rule out hotels by selecting a specific location, type of food and EUR price range in order to obtain a results page showing only the hotel options that really interest you.

All the above filters can be found on the right column of the results page.


What is included on the price I see on my screen?

Prices are displayed next to available room types.

All prices are final and include all rooms and all nights booked, as well as VAT and local taxes. For example, if you choose 2 rooms for 3 nights, the amount to be shown is total for 2 rooms for 3 nights.

Next to the room type, you can check whether breakfast or any other meal is included. The information about the meal type is also provided in your confirmation email, and in 'My Booking'.

We have children, whom we have included in our search. Does the price include charges for children and is the hotel informed?

Since you have entered the number of children and their age on the search form, all results include extra charges for children and the hotelier is aware of the exact number of visitors to expect, as received from your booking. If you need extra amenities such as beds / cots, please make your request for extra beds / cots in the “comments” box and we will then contact you to inform you about the possibility and probable cost of any such extras.

You are advised to call the hotel a few days before your arrival to confirm your request. You'll find contact details of the hotel in your confirmation email.

I have inserted my credit card details. When is my card charged?

The blocking and charging of your credit card occurs at the time of booking. You will explicitly see the amount that will be charged to your card before finally confirming your booking.

How do I know that my booking is confirmed?

After completion of the booking process, the confirmation page will automatically be displayed. This page shows all the details of your reservation, and reservation number. At the same time you will be sent a confirmation email to the address entered in the booking form.

You can check your reservation status at any time, simply by filling in the reservation code and the email you provided when making your reservation, in the right side boxes.

How can I amend or cancel my booking?

The euroskiclub.com allows you to check, manage or cancel your reservation on-line. You can at any time see the status of your reservation, simply by filling in the reservation code and the email you provided when making your reservation, in the right-side boxes. Should you operate any changes to your booking, we will do our best to accommodate your requests, but we can under no circumstances guarantee that such changes are either possible or free. In any case, we are going to inform you if the changes are possible, and at what cost. If you wish to cancel your reservation, cancellation fees will apply, as they appear in the booking form and about which you have been previously informed, before the final confirmation of the booking. Should you have any queries, please contact us by e-mail at info@euroskiclub.com



How do I get my money back if I cancel my booking?

When you cancel a reservation, the amount to be refunded, depending on the time of cancellation and cancellation policy, will be automatically refunded to your card or bank account 24 h after the receipt by us of your cancellation request.

How do I get hotel's contact details?

All hotel's contact details, address, phone and email-are included in your voucher, which will be e-mailed to you in your e-mail indicated in the confirmation of the online reservation. The voucher can also be consulted by using the "My Booking” menu. If for some reason the contact details of the hotel do not appear on the voucher, please contact us by email at info@euroskiclub.com or by phone at 2106855555 to send these to you.