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So tell me about it...

Livigno is in the northern Italian province of Lombardy on the border of the Dolomites to the south and of the Alps to the north, as well as being close to the Swiss border, a few kilometres to the north.
Livigno has grown from being a small, isolated settlement to become one of the world's major ski resorts.
Its success is firstly down to its high altitude, an attribute that has made it one of the most snowsure resorts in Europe. Skiing down to the village is normal even early and late in its long season. Secondly, and more unusually, its isolation made it too difficult for tax inspectors to reach in olden times, which eventually led to Livigno becoming a tax-free haven.
So today, the resort offers that Holy Grail of skiing - superb snow, and excellent, low-priced après-ski. And it's all quite recent. A little over fifty years ago, the area remained cut off for much of the year, but the first ski lift arrived in 1958, the hotel count reached four by the early 1960s, and Livigno's rise has been meteoric ever since. Today, there are more than 100 hotels and 115km (66 miles) of piste.

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